The ItsJerryAndHarry Crew are the staff who creates videos, and are admin of their Public Server

Owner ItsJerry ItsHarry

Co-Owner MrDeathWilliam

Admin NESlover XenonHD

Mod+ Caity Heatdude Da Waffle ImNotOkayy Spykill3r TheMint

Mod Cingle DeathEssence Diffracting Jessiee NickerPan SimplyNether Stockable Radii TheIncendium

Helper 05ocram05 Assassin_Connor Dreadlord1 Electric_Demon HalfAnEmma John_0696 Konohito MappyTurtle Matrix MisfittedCow Odi RocWolfTheHunter Sellz Sofie_ XandalfWizard Zye

Builder Goojingo Vexodius​

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