If Notch Gets Banned is the 94th video of ItsJerryAndHarry.

Plot (Spoiler Warning)Edit

It all starts on a beautiful day. Harry and Saul talks to Notch. They said they should ban him because Notch griefs with his heads, builds ugly homes, and kinda smell by farting. When the command ''/ban Notch''is done, Notch gets striken by lightning, turning the sky red. Hai comes in. They wonder what's going on? Sheep's eyes turn red. Fire strikes. Pigs, charged creepers and cows' eyes turn red. They're attacking Harry, Saul and Hai. The Enderman put TNT on houses and explode it. At the end, the server was banned from Minecraft, probably due to Notch.


  • ItsJerry (cameraman)
  • ItsHarry (server admin)
  • saul1337 (server admin)
  • Hai (cheese lover)
  • Potato (cool guy)
  • Probably a fake Notch (his cape?) (banned player)